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Before my father, Alan Beautement, died in 1970 he had started to collect information about the history and origins of the Beautement family. Sadly, much of what he collected was lost. However, since 1994 - when this web site had its first origins, I have been trying to pick up where he left off. To my amazement the web site has brought us in contact with long-lost relatives in Australia, canada, France, South Africa and the USA - and I had always thought we were the only Beautements around (here's our original family webpage).

This web site is an attempt to bring together all the Beautement information that has been provided - and it keeps changing all the time as we find new sources and links. If you can help by telling me more - please email me with any information you have. Thank you

The Family History:

We think the family came to England as Hugenot refugees (see below). Other aspects of Family History are here.

The Family Tree:

Following a visit to Hull in June 2003 with our Australian relatives, we have produced an improved version of the 'family tree' as we know it to date. If you would like a copy, please email me with your request: provide your name and research interest, thank you.

Norman or Hugenot Connection?

We know litte about our origins. We originally though we had Huguenot origins but now we think we are Norman from the town of Bouttemont (see Chateau Boutemont, near Ouilly-le-Vicomte) in the Calvados Departement of Normandie, north of Lisieux in France. The Beautement spelling was first used in England in the Domesday Book (other derivations: Bootman, Butement, Beautyman). Source: "The Origins of English Surnames" P H Reaney. We now think (June 2007) that the French Normans married into a Huguenot familiy in the early 1700s for religious reasons.

Family Connections with Hull, UK (and the Freemanships):

To find out more about Hull and the Beautements look here.

The famility acquired an Hereditary Freemanship of the City of Hull in 1835. There is more about the Beautement as Freemen of Hull here.

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